Protection and Prevention

Crooked teeth are often not the only problem…

Some 60% of all children and adolescents need orthodontic treatment. However, crooked teeth are often not the only problem. Malpositioned jaws are also a common occurrence. There are various causes, like incorrect positions inherited from a parent or grandparent.


Thumb-sucking, tongue-pressing & lip-sucking …

Thumb-sucking, tongue-pressing, lip-sucking and other habits may also result in malpositioned jaws. The child is unable to close its lips and therefore breathes more and more through the mouth (mouth breather). Viruses and bacteria have free access, colds and allergies occur regularly. The condition of thumb-sucking or tongue-pressing having seriously  pushed the incisors forward is also known as "drop jaw", which results in a greater risk of front tooth trauma / labial trauma. Because the mouth is open, the saliva cannot do the cleaningthat  keeps the oral flora healthy.

Orthodontic treatment harmonises the facial and profile structures. Muscular balance is restored.

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