The way to a beautiful smile and healthy teeth

A decision about a person’s attractiveness and friendliness is made in a few seconds. Beautiful teeth play a crucial role here; they are in fact our business card.

Prophylaxis - Intensive cleaning of teeth by professionals

Prophylaxis - Intensive cleaning of teeth by professionals

We recommend you to go to a dental prophylaxis at least twice a year! Anyone who has taken care of them by means of a professional tooth cleaning (PZR) has proven to have better oral health and optimizes their oral hygiene: Regular prophylaxis increases the vitality of the gums and ensures good-looking, well-groomed teeth - even into old age.

Professional teeth cleaning is worthwhile for all patients. It is mainly plaque and tartar which is removed - it contains bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay. Even if your brushing technique is correct - plaque also forms in the interdental space and underneath the gums. Our specially trained prophylaxis specialists remove the plaque with ultrasound and Airflow (various instruments) and in several treatment steps, polish the teeth and then provide them with a protective film.

A professional teeth cleaning session takes a maximum of 30 minutes due to the innovative and highly effective airflow treatment and costs 120 euros per session. Finally, with a tooth-care gel, the tooth surface is sealed against acid from the food. There are good dental additional insurance, which take over the costs - the statutory health insurance unfortunately do not pay for dental prophylaxis. Talk to us, we are happy to advise you!

Inventory / Digital X-Ray

Before orthodontic treatment can be started, an accurate inventory is required. It consists of the following:

  • Detailed examination of the patient
  • Preparation of situation models and their measurement
  • Radiovisiography and computer-assisted analysis
  • Prediction of the treatment objective

TMJ disorders

How the teeth are facing each other has a direct impact on the temporomandibular joints. If the bite is not right, it will cause pain as soon as natural adaptation through the muscles and joints is no longer possible. These abnormal changes in the masticatory apparatus or the presence of teeth grinding (bruxism) can trigger pain in the jaw and cheek area. A malfunction of the jaw and the effects on the muscles or the joints as well as the reverse effect of these is called craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD).

We analyze the extent of the disorder as well as the pain-triggering areas. Often interdisciplinary treatments are useful. Trust in our therapeutic network - contact us!

Aesthetics and efficiency… Regulation of teeth

Inconspicuous brackets made of ceramic and tooth-colored arches

Gentle and almost invisible

More and more adolescents and adults choose fixed treatment with discreet ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires. The brackets adapt to the colour of the individual tooth so that they are scarcely noticeable.

Gentle and quick

Pre-programmed self-ligatory brackets shorten the treatment period with fixed brace with a new ligature-free system. They are much more comfortable to wear and make possible better oral hygiene. If modern BioStarter wires are also used, your child hardly feels the treatment at all.

A totally invisible alternative

Several successive transparent liners (clear aligner, invisalign etc.) are used in the treatment of minimal front space problems. Please find out more about Accusmile here and Invisalign here.

Activator & Bionator

... the body is a single unit - all of its parts influence and are influenced by each other.

Malpositioning of jaws, either inherited or acquired, may be treated with removable, functional orthodontic appliances when the patients is still in the growth phase. Activators and Bionators activate in-built sources of energy, e.g., masseter, lip, tongue or cheek muscles. During the growth phase, the appliance stimulates the muscles to bring upper and lower jaw into their respective correct positions. The appliance can be compared to a fitness machine that produces physiological muscular balance in the mouth.

Lingual retainer

In order to stabilize treatment results, we work with lingual retainers. The retainer is a thin thread that is fixed by a plastic substance on the backside of the frontal teeth in the upper and lower jaw. The retainer takes care that the teeth do not move back into their original position.

Permanent beautiful teeth and a self-confident, bright smile can not always be taken for granted even after orthodontic treatment, unfortunately. The long-time stabilisation is the best means to a permanent beautiful set of seeth. Sometimes it can be necessary to wear the retainer for a long time, maybe even all life long in order to avoid malpositions of the set of teeth. The retainer is hardly noticeable and comfortable and because it is fixed onto the teeth, one does not forget to wear it. It is reasonable to let the retainer be conrolled twice a year by an orthodontist.

Teeth whitening in the orthodontic practice Stefanie Litsch in Oberursel

Bleaching / Tooth brightening

Bleaching is a procedure that makes it possible to lighten teeth for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons. Whitesmile (EC-certified and quality-tested) offers professional teeth whitening in the practice - now with the new Whitesmile whitening lamp.

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