The way to a beautiful smile and healthy teeth

A decision about a person’s attractiveness and friendliness is made in a few seconds. Beautiful teeth play a crucial role here; they are in fact our business card.

Nature provides everyone…

… with 32 teeth. However, there is often not enough space for all these teeth. In other cases, the position of the jaws does not permit the teeth to come together correctly. Teeth can get lost in the jaw or individual teeth are not there at all. We can solve all of these problems.


Before orthodontic treatment can be started, an accurate inventory is required. It consists of the following:

  • Detailed examination of the patient
  • Preparation of situation models and their measurement
  • Radiovisiography and computer-assisted analysis
  • Prediction of the treatment objective

Aesthetics and efficiency… Regulation of teeth

Gentle and almost invisible

More and more adolescents and adults choose fixed treatment with discreet ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires. The brackets adapt to the colour of the individual tooth so that they are scarcely noticeable.

Gentle and quick

Pre-programmed self-ligatory brackets shorten the treatment period with fixed brace with a new ligature-free system. They are much more comfortable to wear and make possible better oral hygiene. If modern BioStarter wires are also used, your child hardly feels the treatment at all.

A totally invisible alternative

Several successive transparent liners (clear aligner, invisalign etc.) are used in the treatment of minimal front space problems. Please find out more about Accusmile here.

Activator & Bionator

... the body is a single unit - all of its parts influence and are influenced by each other.

Malpositioning of jaws, either inherited or acquired, may be treated with removable, functional orthodontic appliances when the patients is still in the growth phase. Activators and Bionators activate in-built sources of energy, e.g., masseter, lip, tongue or cheek muscles. During the growth phase, the appliance stimulates the muscles to bring upper and lower jaw into their respective correct positions. The appliance can be compared to a fitness machine that produces physiological muscular balance in the mouth.


Brackets are specified as elements which are glued onto teeth. Together with a high-elastic treatment-arc they are applied when fixed plates are needed. In order to fasten the arc onto the brackets, gummy rings ans threads are being used. Self-ligating brackets, though, habe a special fastener for the treatment-arc. Brackets are suitable for persons at any age. Basically, a comparison between the two systems should be done in order to come to know the individual advantages or disadvantages.

Self-ligating Brackets
Self-ligating systems allow an orthodontic treatment on a high level. They combine the highest demands on esthetics featuring advantages such as precision, soothing treatment, wearing-comfort and optimal controlling. We work with metal and ceramic brackets.

Metal brackets are the prevailing self-ligating bracket-system on the market - the first choice for patients who appreciate a higher wearing-comfort and easy-handling as well as reduced times of treatment. Flexibility, less controlling hours and improved hygiene are the great plus.

Ceramic brackets are a very good alternative considering the material for they join themselves into the tooth-row perfectly thanks to their colour-range and are hardly visible. The great advantage is the esthetic appearance. Together with you and your children we will be choosing the best variety of plate and we will inform you about the treatment duration and the costs.

Mini brackets

In order to provide the children and teenagers by the right set of teeth with a wonderful laughter, the fixed and visible plate is the classic in orthodontics. Mini-brackets are smaller, they need less space onto teeth, they are easier to cleanse and more esthetic than standard -brackets (insurance of the state). Mini-brackets are being fixed with a dental glue on every single tooth and allow an optimal corretion and adjustment of the set of teeth. This variety though is not self-ligating. In order to fix the arc, gummy-ligations are necessary which can change colour.

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OrthoPulse™ is a clinically proven device for orthodontic self-care. Whether on the move or at home, while reading or watching TV - your usual daily routine will not be affected. Already 10 minutes a day can reduce the duration of treatment by half the time. The technology behind it is safe and has been documented in more than 3,000 published articles and has been used in medicine for 60 years.

OrthoPulse ™ uses low intensity infrared light to gently transfer energy to the bone and tissue around the tooth roots. This energy stimulates the structure of the surrounding bone and increases tooth movement. With the OrthoPulse™ app you can track the positive development of your treatment on your smartphone. Wireless synchronization of data from the device reminds you to comply with daily appointments.

Please contact us if you have any questions about OrthoPulse™!